Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ack! Less than one week to go!

Yikes! I found out yesterday that I don't actually know the PIN code for my credit card. This is a huge snag since I was counting on it to get local currency when I arrive in Kenya. I've ordered a new one. Let's just pray it arrives in time. I may be able to use my bank card at some machines, it may be more expensive to use it on larger withdrawals though. For now at least I picked up some extra US currency to purchase shillings.

Most everything is packed, except for the stuff that I use on a daily basis. I picked out some books, to read during the quiet times.

Right now I'm some combination of excited and scared out of my wits! Which is resulting in a strangely calm outward appearance.

Anyway I've got to dash off to church now.

God Bless.

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