Monday, April 30, 2007

Reality sets in

In less than two months I'll be boarding planes to New York then Cairo and finally Nairobi. I think reality has finally hit. I'm starting to freak out just a little. Things I'm freaking out about you ask?

1. Packing, it's not like I haven't done it before. For my 7.5 week trip to Europe I got away with a 10Kg back-pack. This time however, I'm going to experience two different climates as well as more conservative cultures. We're expected to maximize our baggage allowance so that we can pack at least a full bag's worth of supplies to be left behind with our hosts. I don't own one such a bag let alone two. The maximum sized bag we can bring on the plane must measure less that 62in (Height+Width+Depth). The second bag, could be left behind if I manage to pick one up second hand or if I can find a collapsible bag that could work too.

2. Crammed Schedule, the next month is just so packed with preparation for the trip: vaccinations, meetings, craft preparation; and business and personal engagements. I'm feeling just a little overwhelmed by it all. Thankfully my health has been cooperating, I'm just hoping with my non-stop schedule I don't leave myself open to illness.

Anyway I just needed to unload those worries, now that I've done it they don't seem all that huge. After all, I was freaked out about how I was going to afford this trip and God has certainly provided for me. I know that if I allow him to he will continue to provide for me.