Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Final Days

Well the safari weekend was great. The roads were a little bumpy, but the view was worth it. On the way to our hotel we came across zebras, giraffes and gazelles. We arrived at the hotel about 1:30 in the afternoon and had some time to rest. Then about 4 we went out for our first mini drive (about two hours). We saw a family of Elephants almost as soon as we left the compound gates, and our drivers took us in for a closer look. We even got to see one take a dump! After that we saw more gazelle, wildebeest, zebras, bush bucks, impalas and many other animals the names of which escape me. We also startled some Masai doing their laundry. Then we went back to the Hotel for dinner. Oh to have meat that's cooked properly! To feel safe eating salad! Chocolate cake for dessert!

Sunday was our day long safari, some of the buses opted to visit a Masai village for $20 a head. Our bus did not. Instead, while we waited for them, we came across a cheetah eating his breakfast. We saw many zebras, gazelle, bush bucks, water bucks, impalas and elephants. Just before lunch we managed to find a lion sleeping in the shade. We also saw hyenas, and giraffes. We saw some Ostriches from a distance but only one at a time. For some reason I imaged they would be in bigger groups. We drove out to the far side of the park to see the hippos in the Masai river; there were crocodiles there also. On our last day we went out in search of a leopard but could not find it. Then it was time to head back to Nairobi. Three straight days of bumpy roads took a toll, but I had a good long sleep last night and feel much better today. We went to a giraffe orphanage and feed the baby giraffes. Then we went to the Carnivore restaurant; supposedly one of the top 50 restaurants in the world. I was a little disappointed in the selection of meat. The only exotic meat they had was ostrich. After lunch we went to the market. I went to support mom, as she needed to pick up something for my brother. It was an experience. They started out asking for $205 US and we talked them down to $25. I think we could have done better, but mom had a hard time walking away.

My next adventure will be in Egypt. We'll be leaving the Guest House at 2 tomorrow morning. Looking forward to seeing you all very soon.


janti said...

Hey Girl,

I'm still reading .. everyday! Thanks for the fantastic updates. Safe travels to Egypt and enjoy.


ghanima said...

As I was reading your post, I thought about how you got to see a zoo-load of animals, and then I realized that you're in the spot which probably inspired zoos. Sounds like you're having an exciting time!

Anonymous said...

Hey Emma:

I heard that there were elephants walking around Newmarket.

Ha! ha!

-Jim Y.